Everyday, at the busiest restaurant in Annapolis MD, the customers & staff alike, take a pause for the cause, to pay their respects & recite one of the bedrocks of what has made the USA the GREATEST nation man has ever founded on the face of the Earth. At a time when the Pledge of Allegiance has fallen out of favor with many Americans, as legislatures do away with it before sessions, schools no longer make it a part of the students day, movements try to get it re-worded to omit God, and many other attacks on this scared, patriotic institution, CHICK & RUTH'S DELLY has stood solidly by their practice of the Daily Pledge of Allegiance. Since 1989, 7 days a week, people come from miles around for the fantastic food, great & friendly service, and to be part of this daily exercise of patriotism and love of country, which is sadly, not often enough, seen in America anymore. Owner Ted Levitt & his entire staff have made a long lasting & cherished tradition in Annapolis MD, & you are all invited to visit the famous restaurant and share in this great way to start off your day. DefendYourLiberty.com is proud to count Ted Levitt as a fellow patriot & friend!!!